Dear The Pits! fans, COVID-19 has impacted our planned product availability date. Look for us at local events such as Shopapalooza and Festival of Speed as they open up again. Our current thinking is to launch our Kickstarter campaign to coincide with the 2021 St Pete Grand Prix. We hope to see you there. Thanks for your support and understanding. Stay safe and stay healthy!


Q If a player lands on (not over) the START/FINISH space, have they won?

A Yes.  You do not have cross the START/FINISH space, just land on it and remain there at the end of your turn, to win.

Q Do you need an exact number to land on the START/FINISH space to win?

A No, you win by landing on or going past the START/FINISH space and remaining there after all STRATEGY cards are played.

Q If a player passes the START/FINISH space by 1 and another racer plays a -2 STRATEGY card, have they won?

A No.  Because the STRATEGY cards are stackable, the final result of this example is the player is now one space short of the START/FINISH space.

Q If a racer plays the ‘Deliberately hit the racer in front of you’ card, and there are two or more cars on the same space nearest, can they pick which they hit?

A No, they will hit all cars on that space, so all cars go to The Pits!

Q How many cars can be on the same space on the track? 

A There is no limit (other than in The Chicane where there can only be one car in all four of the spaces).

Q If a racer lands on the ‘Spin Off for one turn’ space, how do they remember they need to miss a go?

A We suggest turning their car upside down immediately.  On the next go, they can turn it back the right side up, denoting it is ready to move on the next turn.