Dear The Pits! fans, COVID-19 has impacted our planned product availability date. Look for us at local events such as Shopapalooza and Festival of Speed as they open up again. Our current thinking is to launch our Kickstarter campaign to coincide with the 2021 St Pete Grand Prix. We hope to see you there. Thanks for your support and understanding. Stay safe and stay healthy!

How to Play - Party


Step 1. Unfold the board and set it on a table. Each racer chooses a car. Place the cars on the checkered START/FINISH space on the track. Separate the STRATEGY and SPEED cards into two decks. SHUFFLE THOROUGHLY and place face down on the marked spaces in the middle of the track.

Step 2. Deal two STRATEGY cards to each racer. The racer should keep the card values hidden.

Step 3. Each racer rolls the die and the lowest number starts. In the event of a tie for low number, the racers who tied roll again, lowest goes first. Play is in clockwise direction around the track and around the table.

Step 4. Play begins. The first racer rolls the dice and moves their car forward that number of spaces. If the landing space is blank their turn is over. If not, follow the instruction on the space.