Dear The Pits! fans, we are committed to being able to provide a quality product in a timely manner to our customers. We are pausing until the current global supply chain issues are resolved and will be attending events again in 2022, building up to a launch at the 2023 St Petersburg Grand Prix. Thanks for your patience, the wait will be worth it!

The Chicane

The Chicane is an area of the racetrack, four spaces long, that narrows so only one car can get through at a time.  The start and end is indicated by the red and white lines across the track.  The first car to land in any of these four spaces is ‘safe’.  If there is a car in any of the four spaces that make up The Chicane and your SHIFT card or dice roll lands you in any one of those four spaces, as well, you must go to The Pits!

Note: STRATEGY cards can be used to either back up from, or move forward, out of The Chicane, effectively overtaking any car in The Chicane and avoiding the need to go to The Pits!

Example: If there is a car in the last of the 4 spaces that make up The Chicane and a racer lands their car in the Chicane behind that car, normally they would have to go to The Pits!  If they should have the PSYCH! STRATEGY card they ’Move 1 Space Ahead of Next Car’ so essentially skip over the car ahead of them landing them outside The Chicane and so safe!