Dear The Pits! fans, we are committed to being able to provide a quality product in a timely manner to our customers. We are pausing until the current global supply chain issues are resolved and will be attending events again in 2022, building up to a launch at the 2023 St Petersburg Grand Prix. Thanks for your patience, the wait will be worth it!

Strategy Cards

STRATEGY cards can be played immediately they are drawn or held for future use. If a racer lands on a ‘Take a STRATEGY card’ space, they will take the top card from the STRATEGY card deck. These cards should be kept secret from other racers.  The racer can use them for their own benefit or against an opponent once their turn is ‘active’.  Any instructions on interim spaces are ignored.  This includes not picking up cards if the racer temporarily stopped on a ‘Pick Up a SPEED or STRATEGY card’ space, penalties for landing in The Chicane and negates winning should the racer have temporarily passed on or over the START/FINISH space but ended up before it.