Dear The Pits! fans, we are committed to being able to provide a quality product in a timely manner to our customers. We are pausing until the current global supply chain issues are resolved and will be attending events again in 2022, building up to a launch at the 2023 St Petersburg Grand Prix. Thanks for your patience, the wait will be worth it!

Shift Cards

SHIFT cards drive your initial move each turn.  You are dealt two at the beginning of the game.  You will play one to move your race car at the start of your turn and then pick another from the pack in the middle of the track to replace it at the end of your turn.  Should you get and play the OVERDRIVE card, you will play your second SHIFT card as well and so take two new cards at the end of your turn.  Note: You cannot use the R or Reverse card on the START/FINISH line or while in THE PITS!  (Should you play long enough to run out of SHIFT cards, take the discarded deck, shuffle and place all face-down again.)