Exciting news! Our Kickstarter campaign starts in 2020. Subscribe for more details at the bottom of the page.



What or who is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a company that helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. To date, tens of thousands of creative projects — big and small — have come to life with the support of the Kickstarter community.

How does it work?

Kickstarter uses an all-or-nothing funding model for creators. If the project doesn’t reach its goal, then funds don’t get collected, and no money changes hands. This minimizes risk for creators — imagine ending up with only $5,000 and a bunch of people expecting a $50,000 film! All-or-nothing funding makes it easier for backers like you to pledge to your project with confidence that you’ll be able to get the job done.

Once our campaign is live you will be able to click the link below and it will take you to the campaign.  There will be unique opportunities to pledge to buy game copies along with other related offers.



Notification That The Pits! Campaign is Live

The Pits! Crew will be sending out a communication once the Kickstarter campaign is live.  The current target is early March 2020. If you would like to be notified, please enter your email at the footer of this page and click the Subscribe button.  We will send you details of the campaign.  You can choose to support it or not once you receive the detail.  This does not commit you to anything at this time.

Kickstarter Rules