Dear The Pits! fans, COVID-19 has caused the car meetings we planned attendance at to be cancelled. Unfortunately, this will delay the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. We will be sure to communicate once our new plans are formulated. Thanks for your support and understanding. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Speed Cards

SPEED cards need to be played immediately.  They cannot be held in the player’s hand.  If a racer lands on a ‘Take a SPEED card’ space, they will take the top card from the SPEED card deck, turn it over and move according to the card’s instruction. The card is then placed face-up in the adjacent discard pile.  (Should you play long enough to run out of face-down SPEED cards, take the discarded deck, shuffle and place all face-down again.)

If a racer picks up a SPEED card with an action they are unable to complete, such as ‘Slipstream past a racer!’ when they are in the lead, they do not move but just discard the card.