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Quick Start Rules - PARTY Play


Three phases to a racer’s turn:

1. The first is roll the die and move forward the number of spaces

shown. Should you land on a space occupied by another racer, you may take one of their STRATEGY cards.

2. If the racer should land on a space with an instruction on it, they must follow the instruction (such as pick up a SPEED card, then move the number of spaces shown on that card).

3. At this point, the racer whose turn is active can optionally play a STRATEGY card. They will move according to the instruction on the card. Other racers can also choose to play one or more STRATEGY cards (regardless of if the active player used one), all of which impact the final landing space of the racer. See STRATEGY CARDS section.

Winning the Game

The first player to complete one lap and land on, or past, the checkered START/FINISH space AND STAY THERE OR END THERE (AFTER STRATEGY CARDS ARE PLAYED), wins. There is no need to roll an exact number to win. Once a racer is across the START/FINISH space, they are not allowed to do any instructions on the spaces or pick up any cards past the START/FINISH.

Other players can use STRATEGY cards to reverse the active racer back away from the finish. The racer can also use STRATEGY cards to move back over the START/FINISH line. Once all STRATEGY cards are exhausted, if the racer ends up on a final landing space that has instructions on it, after backing up away from the START/FINISH space, they must follow that instruction.

Special Track Areas

The Pits!

The Pits! – A garage-like area at a racetrack where repairs and refueling takes place during a race.

As play proceeds, a racer may be directed to go to The Pits! If a player (or players) are sent to The Pits! as a result of a SPEED card, they cannot use a STRATEGY card to keep from going to The Pits!

If you land on or are forced onto a space that sends you to The Pits! (such as land on the “Go to The Pits!” space or land in the Chicane when a car is already ‘safe’ in there) and you have a STRATEGY card that will help move you out and stay out of that situation, you then successfully avoid having to go to The Pits!

While in The Pits! a racer may not play STRATEGY cards, as they are effectively out of the race at that moment. They will exit The Pits! on their next turn, counting from the track space next to Pit Road with whatever number they rolled.

You will take a STRATEGY card as you exit (and if you land on a STRATEGY space when coming out, you take another STRATEGY card, and if you land on a space occupied by another player, as a result of your initial roll, you take one of their STRATEGY CARDS too).

The Chicane

Chicane – A narrow, twisting part of a racetrack where passing is very difficult.

The Chicane is the area of the racetrack, four spaces long, that narrows so only one car can safely get through at a time. The start and end are indicated by the red and white lines across the track. The first car to land in any of these four spaces is ‘safe’. If there is already a car in any of the four spaces that make up the Chicane and your roll lands you in any one of those four spaces too, you must go to The Pits! Unless you have a STRATEGY CARD to back you up, or move you forward, out of the Chicane.


SPEED cards need to be played immediately. They cannot be held in the player’s hand. If a racer lands on a ‘Take a SPEED card’ space, they will take the top card from the SPEED card deck, turn it over and move according to the card’s instruction. The card is then placed face-up in the adjacent discard pile.


STRATEGY cards can be played immediately or held for future use. If a racer lands on a ‘Take a STRATEGY card’ space, they will take the top card from the STRATEGY card deck. These cards should be kept secret from other racers. The racer can use them for their own benefit (to get themselves out of situations or into a better position) or against an opponent whose turn is ‘active’ (to competitively put their opponent in a less desirable situation/position).

A racer can only hold three STRATEGY cards at a time. If they should pick up any more during their turn, they must choose to play some (as many as they want or none) or discard any they want, or perform a combination of playing and discarding to end up with only three in their hand at the end of their turn.

STRATEGY cards are stack-able – meaning multiple cards from multiple racers can all be used, one after another, with no limit. The racer whose turn is ‘active’ continues to move his car as each card is played. Only any action on the final landing space has to be acted on.

Any instructions on interim spaces are ignored. This includes not picking up cards if the racer temporarily stopped on a ‘Pick Up a SPEED or STRATEGY card’ space, penalties for landing in The Chicane and negates winning should the racer have temporarily passed on or over the START/FINISH space but ended up before it.

If you land on a space occupied by another racer, when you move the number of spaces after your initial roll only (not if you land on an occupied space as result of STRATEGY card play), you may blindly steal one of the STRATEGY cards (if they have any) from the racer on that space. If there are two or more racers on that space, you choose which racer to steal a STRATEGY card from.